Become a powerful & persuasive speaker –

Enhance your image immediately!

2 days £2500 + VAT

Date 22/23 July 2022. Venue South London TBA

When you are good at making a presentation, people think you are good at your job. If you want to impress or persuade people it is worth putting in the time and effort to improve this area of your work.

The need to communicate your ideas effectively is one of the key core competencies, which is required at all levels within all organisations and especially so if you run your own business.

You will learn how to prepare your presentations so that they capture your audience’s attention and imagination. They will listen to you, evaluate your ideas and actually help you to achieve your outcomes.

No stone is left unturned and all secrets will be shared with you clearly, so that you can easily see, hear and understand all the techniques required to deliver a Powerful Presentation.

You will make at least two presentations which will be recorded on DVD. As you watch yourself you will see the transformations and grow in confidence. You will surprise yourself with how much you can achieve in such a short moment in time.

You will be in a supportive, no-risk environment where you can try new ideas and be given feed-back by an understanding and experienced trainer. You will also have one-to-one coaching with valuable comments from both the trainer and your colleagues on the programme.

When you leave the course you will have with you a comprehensive set of notes that will remind you of:

  • How to set the correct objective
  • How to persuade and motivate your audience
  • How to write the presentation
  • How to open and close brilliantly
  • How to present a powerful personal image
  • How to be in control of your audience

At the end of this course you will have all the tools to feel completely confident, relaxed and comfortable when doing this extremely important part of your work; why is this an important area of your work? Because your clients will make important decisions as a result of your Powerful Presentations.

Some of the subjects                                    Outcomes

Deciding Objectives                        Would you get into your car and                  just drive around until you get

                                                       get somewhere? No – obviously!

                                                       the first step in preparing your

                                                        presentation, is to find out what

                                                       your outcome should be. In this

                                                        in-put module you will learn how

                                                        to set the correct objective so that

                                                       you can achieve your outcomes.

How to Persuade                             What is it that makes people ‘do’  

                                                       anything? In this session you will

                                                      understand what motivates and

                                                       persuades, as you discover what

                                                       your audience wants from you.

Open and Shut                                People lose a valuable opportunity

                                                       to get attention quickly and close

                                                       with power because they start with

                                                        irrelevances and close with a

                                                       whimper. This will never happen

                                                       to you again after this module.

Mannerisms                                 Here, you will learn how to project

                                                       your strongest and most personal

                                                       image. Look good, feel good and

                                                       do good.

Question Time                                Everyone has to answer questions

                                                       at some point. Now you never

                                                        have to worry about losing control

                                                       or not knowing the answers.

                                                       all the secrets are revealed here.

This is what delegates have said


‘This is the best course I have ever attended.’

‘I feel so much more confident. Look out!’

I am really looking forward to my next presentation.’

Who should attend?


Anyone who has to give presentations as part of their work;

whether experienced or inexperienced.

Powerful Presentations

2 day Programme                            



Day One

  • Welcome, introductions and objectives



      How to Set Objectives

During this session we discuss the meaning of objectives and   how to ensure that yours is correct


  • How to Persuade and Motivate

Learn about the factors that really motivate people to do as you would ask

      How to Write your Presentation

How to decide what should be included in you presentation to ensure you achieve your objectives

      A Format for delivery  

Stop relying so much on PowerPoint and learn to really talk to people – never forget again what you want to say            

      Delegates First 10 minute Presentation

Delegate’s presentation recorded on DVD                                              

 End of Day One

 Day Two


              How to project a powerful and confident image to all audiences


      Dealing with questions

How to deal with all questions including difficult or hostile ones        and how to ask questions of the audience to build rapport

  • One on One Coaching

Here you have the opportunity to practise before your second presentation. Make the most of it!

  • Delegates’ second 10-minute presentations


Action Plan and Close of the Course

What should you do next?


For further advice and to book on the course, please contact us: email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.