Inspirational Sales Training Programme

Part one

Nothing happens until somebody sells something and profitable sales are to a company what blood is to the human body – without it we die. Today’s market place however, is a tougher environment than it used to be and the business outlook can seem bleak to your sales team. On this interactive programme your people will discover that it isn’t the business outlook that matters as much as the attitude of being on the lookout for business.


Who Will Benefit?

  • People who are new to sales
  • Experienced sales people needing ‘rejuvenation’
  • Anyone who sells on a face to face basis

Key Learning Points


The 7-step sales process - There are really only 7 steps to the sale. On this programme each step is ‘unpacked’ and examined in detail. Each step can then be learned, practised, honed and polished to perfection.


Preparedness - Gain insight into the how you come across to your customers and learn how to always be in your most resourceful state that enables you to be on the lookout for business.

Impressive Impressions – Everybody else is selling to your buyer so once you are in front of them, don’t let the side down with weak words. Learn how to start the sales conversation impressively, get their attention and move smoothly into a meaningful business conversation.


Finding Needs and Wants – The only way to get into someone’s mind is to ask them questions. Discover how skilful, caring fact finding not only establishes needs and wants but builds rapport at the same time.

Don’t Sell; Help – Because everybody’s business is as important to them as yours is to you, it is essential to show proper interest and care when talking to prospects about their business. Learn how to motivate customers and help them achieve their business objectives.

Duration: 3 days

Fees: £995 + VAT

Dates & Venues: TBA

In-House Version- by Negotiation